Sheet metal is our passion.

We offer a wide range of CNC sheet metal processing options, thanks to a combination of conventional punching, forming, bending and pressing. We may also provide welding and surface treatments - from hot dip galvanizing to powder coating.

We are ready to comprehensively ensure production from all flat metal materials - steel, galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum sheets. We are not intimidated by high expectations for quality, process support or documentation.

Our goal is to support the customer in all stages of the production cycle. We can also consult with the design of new parts and the creation of drawings, documentation and models, including possible measurements on precise measuring machines and a 3D scanner.

from 0.5 to 3-4 mm

Thickness of processed sheet metal
depending on the material

4000 x 1300 mm

Maximum part dimensions

3230 mm

Maximum length at bend

CNC punching
CNC cutting
CNC forming

Punching machines:
TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 - ball table
TRUMPF TruPunch 3000 - brush table

For precise cutting of sheet metal, we use CNC punching and CNC cutting technologies. When compared to laser burning, we achieve significantly reduced production times.

With the use of specialized tools, we can also provide sheet metal forming - e.g. forming of threads and threaded necks, shaped extrusions, pressing of reinforcing grooves or ventilation ribs. In addition, embossing, labeling and other specific activities are possible.

CNC bending
CNC press brake

Bending machines:
TRUMPF TruBend 5170
TRUMPF TruBend 7032

Our CNC bending machines can handle both sheet metal bending technologies - free bending and stamping bending. In addition, we are able to provide folding, i.e. pressing the edge of the sheet metal, and pressing-in components, e.g. press nuts.

Thanks to this, we can ensure the production of a wide range of sheet metal products, from simple metal profiles to switchboard cabinets.

MIG / MAG welding
Locksmith workshop

Although welding as such is not our main specialization, we can provide welding of components or welding of simple assemblies within our production.

We also have a standard-equipped locksmith workshop where we can provide preparatory activities, component manufacturing and other common locksmith activities.

Powder coating and other surface treatmens

We routinely provide surface treatments for our sheet metal products, so that the customer gets final product.

Thanks to our stable, proven partners, we will arrange for you Powder Coating, anodizing, hot-dip galvanizingand also other surface treatments according to requirements.

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