Technology in our production:

Our technologies enable a wide range of possibilities CNC sheet metal processing thanks to a combination of CNC punching, forming, bending and pressing. We will also provide welding and surface treatments for you.

8 yrs in business.
5,000,000 parts.

Since 2016, we have been supplying sheet metal parts to major companies operating in the region, primarily in the field of engineering and construction.

Our story has been linked to the company KONE, the world leader in elevators and escalators, since the beginning. Thanks to this partnership, we have a robust quality management system in place and meet the strictest quality and process support requirements.


From one-off orders to production of large-scale series.

At 4MEX, we offer tailor-made solutions. The basis of our production are large-scale production series, with a share of custom smaller projects. Our technologists are ready to guide you through the process of prototyping of a new product and subsequently ensure the production of sheet metal parts on a turnkey basis.

Quality and deadlines come first.

We are a long-established supplier to companies in industries with high demands on safety, precision and quality. We adapt our processes and environment accordingly. We are committed to agreed deadlines and are compatible with a just-in-time approach.

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4MEX's Vision for 2024

Last year, we finally closed the chapter of the long-standing property disputes in our parent company, which also affected our operations. We entered 2024 stronger, with a single owner and a clear vision for future development.