8 yrs in business.
5,000,000 parts.

Since 2016, we have been supplying sheet metal parts to major companies operating in the region, primarily in the field of engineering and construction.

We supplied sheet metal parts, among others, for:

Our beginnings date back to 2016, when we established close cooperation with the world leader in the field of elevators and escalators - the company KONE. This partnership accompanies us to this day and it laid a solid foundation for our robust quality management system and the fulfillment of the most stringent requirements for precision and process support.

The following years were associated with rapid growth of the company, the expansion of technologies, including the opening of a welding plant, and the increase of existing capacities. Unfortunately, this successful period was disrupted over time by property and legal disputes between the partners of the parent company. Although this situation had an impact on the financial status of the entire group, at 4MEX we reliably maintained the production of sheet metal parts for our customers the entire time, without a single forced shutdown or impact on quality.

From 2023, the entire group of which 4MEX is a part is consolidated under a single owner. This opened a new chapter for 4MEX, which it enters strengthened and ready for new challenges.

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